A closer look at luxury communities within La Jolla and Del Mar.

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Country Club real estate is some of the most sought-after in La Jolla because it’s private, peaceful and beautiful. Within the prominent Country Club community, buyers will find exquisite luxury homes with unforgettable panoramic views and a charming history that is deeply intertwined with golf.

A glimpse of Country Club then

According to La Jolla Light, the Jewel’s first golf club was organized in 1900 and expanded in 1926 when the sport experienced a boom in popularity. Rising middle class interest across the nation resulted in the number of weekend golfers swelling to a half million rather unexpectedly. In response, La Jolla built its first golf course, which consisted of six holes that rambled along Prospect Street to Torrey Pines Road.

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Soledad South real estate is known for its incredible views and gorgeous landscape. From within Soledad South, one can take in views of San Diego’s skyline, Mission Bay, the mountains, and of course, the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Soledad South is a popular neighborhood that is near La Jolla’s attractions and amenities, but is also a quiet place to call home. An ideal location southeast of Mount Soledad provides communities within Soledad South with access to Interstate 5 and short commutes to La Jolla’s finest attractions and pristine shoreline.

Soledad South’s development

According to an article published by La Jolla Light back in 2005, Soledad South was home to mostly sagebrush in the 1950s. After WWII, the city extended public services all…

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Del Mar is a beautiful city adorned with lovely sights and gorgeous homes. With a splendid climate, incredible scenery and top-notch shoreline, it’s no wonder that Del Mar homes for sale are so highly sought-after.

As if there were not already enough reasons to love Del Mar, it’s also home to charming fairgrounds and the famed Del Mar Thoroughbred Club.

Del Mar Fairgrounds

The Del Mar Fairgrounds is home to the San Diego County Fair, which boasts a history that stretches back to the 1880s. The Del Mar Fairgrounds proudly shares insights into the annual event’s beginnings, which culminated out of a dire need to discover who grew the best citrus, baked the best pie and owned the fastest horse.

While both admirable and humble, early fairs were…

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There’s a serene place in La Jolla where beachfront properties are exchanged for vast estates that sprawl on scenic cliffs. These luxury homes with legendary views belong to La Jolla Farms, a prominent neighborhood with just under 100 expansive estates.

About the La Jolla Farms Community

La Jolla Farms real estate is comprised of an exquisite collection of luxury estates that rest along picturesque sandstone cliffs that overlook Black’s Beach. This ideal location offers panoramic views of the captivating Pacific Ocean, and the occasional dolphin or whale pod.

La Jolla Farms History

It is said that the Black family once owned all of La Jolla Farms and used it to raise horses. Eventually, the property was sold in lots that offer some of the…

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The coastal city of Del Mar may only be two miles in breadth, but its charm is immeasurable. Del Mar is known for its picturesque beaches, celebrated horse races and splendid fairs, in addition to its gorgeous homes.

While Del Mar itself is a rare treasure, the fine collection of properties in Olde Del Mar simply cannot be overlooked. Luxury and historic homes adorn Olde Del Mar, which rests within walking distance of the city’s treasured shoreline and historic village.

Del Mar Beaches

Del Mar’s 15th Street Beach gained national recognition when it was listed as one of Time Magazine's “100 Greatest Beaches in the World.” Del Mar has other noteworthy beaches as well, including North Beach, which is not only lovely, but also dog-friendly. The…

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Some of the most desirable luxury homes in the country rest upon Camino de la Costa in La Jolla. The winding road overlooks La Jolla’s beautiful coastline, providing residents with an incredible view unlike any other on Earth. Given all this, it’s easy to see how Camino de la Costa earned its affectionately bestowed nickname, the “Street of Dreams,” but there is more to this extraordinary place than what’s visible at first glance.   

1. Camino de la Costa is graced with Storybook homes.

Camino de la Costa is adorned with gorgeous homes that boast exquisite contemporary, Spanish or English Tudor architectural influences. In addition to this, some of Camino de la Costa’s luxury homes possess a unique style with a big screen origin, compliments…

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