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There’s a serene place in La Jolla where beachfront properties are exchanged for vast estates that sprawl on scenic cliffs. These luxury homes with legendary views belong to La Jolla Farms, a prominent neighborhood with just under 100 expansive estates.

About the La Jolla Farms Community

La Jolla Farms real estate is comprised of an exquisite collection of luxury estates that rest along picturesque sandstone cliffs that overlook Black’s Beach. This ideal location offers panoramic views of the captivating Pacific Ocean, and the occasional dolphin or whale pod.

La Jolla Farms History

It is said that the Black family once owned all of La Jolla Farms and used it to raise horses. Eventually, the property was sold in lots that offer some of the…

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Graphic that reads "Thanksgiving in La Jolla: A Look at Past and Present Holiday Celebrations"


On this Thanksgiving Day, there is much to celebrate in La Jolla homes. Across La Jolla, families are harkening back to their roots and celebrating memories of Thanksgivings past. They are also savoring every moment of this year's Thanksgiving and looking forward to the future.

Thanksgivings Past

Some are reminiscing about Thanksgivings that took place over a hundred years ago in La Jolla. Recently, the La Jolla Historical Society paid homage to one Thanksgiving in particular, which took place in 1911. According to SD News, approximately 800 people called La Jolla home back in 1911. They enjoyed delightful holiday dinners that could be had for the small sum of $4.50, which equates to a little over $100 today.

Others are thinking about the…

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You can find sand, sun and surf in lots of places across the globe, but you won’t find anything quite like La Jolla’s shoreline anywhere else on Earth. In fact, La Jolla’s gorgeous beaches are one of many selling points for La Jolla real estate. There are many other aspects of La Jolla that draw people to the Jewel, but its indescribably beautiful beaches set it apart from the rest.

La Jolla Cove is one of the 'Top Ten Traveler's Choice Beaches'

La Jolla Cove gained nation recognition for its beauty and ecological protection measures in February of this year. Trip Advisor, the world’s largest travel site, named La Jolla Cove one of the “Top Ten Traveler’s Choice Beaches in the U.S.”

Trip Advisor found that La Jolla Cove was “often regarded as…

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The coastal city of Del Mar may only be two miles in breadth, but its charm is immeasurable. Del Mar is known for its picturesque beaches, celebrated horse races and splendid fairs, in addition to its gorgeous homes.

While Del Mar itself is a rare treasure, the fine collection of properties in Olde Del Mar simply cannot be overlooked. Luxury and historic homes adorn Olde Del Mar, which rests within walking distance of the city’s treasured shoreline and historic village.

Del Mar Beaches

Del Mar’s 15th Street Beach gained national recognition when it was listed as one of Time Magazine's “100 Greatest Beaches in the World.” Del Mar has other noteworthy beaches as well, including North Beach, which is not only lovely, but also dog-friendly. The…

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Wisteria Cottage La Jolla

Images of the Wisteria Cottage courtesy of the La Jolla Historical Society

La Jolla is known for its beautiful natural surroundings and pristine beaches, but it’s also known for exquisite architecture. A significant part of La Jolla’s art culture is expressed through distinctive architecture and has been since its inception. In truth, La Jolla’s historic homes and landmarks showcase an architectural style that has been impressive from the very beginning.

La Jolla’s Historic Architecture

La Jolla holds a number of lovely historic homes and landmarks, including its beach cottages, the Green Dragon Art Colony and the Wisteria Cottage. Each of them possesses great character and is awash in charm.

La Jolla’s Beach Cottages

Beach cottages…

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Camino de la Costa La Jolla


All of the luxury homes along Camino de la Costa are remarkable, but there is one in particular that deserves a closer look. This oceanfront home is a stunning display of innovative architecture that incorporates La Jolla’s incredible natural ambience into highly refined living spaces.

Remarkable Views of La Jolla's Pristine Shoreline

The luxury home’s contemporary design, compliments of Phil Merten, harmonizes with its tranquil surroundings in an artful manner. A brilliantly executed remodel by Muller Customs homes showcases subtle details that heighten the luxury home’s overall look. A perfect example is the kitchen cabinetry, which was built using a rare imported hardwood found only in the Congo. Fine details such as these not only…

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La Jolla is a beautiful place filled with gorgeous homes and great leisure activities. There are countless indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities within La Jolla and some of them are dog-friendly.

La Jolla begs to be explored and many families like to take their beloved dogs with them as they enjoy all that the Jewel has to offer. There are plenty of places around La Jolla that welcome dogs, including the following trails, restaurants and retailers:

Dog-friendly trails and beaches in La Jolla

According to La Jolla Light, La Jolla Natural Park has a dog-friendly hiking trail that runs a course from Al Bahr Drive to Encelia Drive. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy also has two dog-friendly bicycle paths, Rose Canyon and Fay Avenue.…

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Some of the most desirable luxury homes in the country rest upon Camino de la Costa in La Jolla. The winding road overlooks La Jolla’s beautiful coastline, providing residents with an incredible view unlike any other on Earth. Given all this, it’s easy to see how Camino de la Costa earned its affectionately bestowed nickname, the “Street of Dreams,” but there is more to this extraordinary place than what’s visible at first glance.   

1. Camino de la Costa is graced with Storybook homes.

Camino de la Costa is adorned with gorgeous homes that boast exquisite contemporary, Spanish or English Tudor architectural influences. In addition to this, some of Camino de la Costa’s luxury homes possess a unique style with a big screen origin, compliments…

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