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On this Thanksgiving Day, there is much to celebrate in La Jolla homes. Across La Jolla, families are harkening back to their roots and celebrating memories of Thanksgivings past. They are also savoring every moment of this year's Thanksgiving and looking forward to the future.

Thanksgivings Past

Some are reminiscing about Thanksgivings that took place over a hundred years ago in La Jolla. Recently, the La Jolla Historical Society paid homage to one Thanksgiving in particular, which took place in 1911. According to SD News, approximately 800 people called La Jolla home back in 1911. They enjoyed delightful holiday dinners that could be had for the small sum of $4.50, which equates to a little over $100 today.

Others are thinking about the very first Thanksgiving, but in a new light. For some, Thanksgiving celebrations are a family tradition going back nearly 400 years, because they are descendants of the pilgrims that celebrated our nation’s first Thanksgiving. For those who have just discovered their pilgrim roots, tracing their lineage back to a ship full of brave souls has made this holiday even more special.

Through historical records, pilgrim descendants can prove their lineage and join the Society of Mayflower Descendants. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, apart from Massachusetts, California has the highest number of proven pilgrim descendants. Moreover, San Diego County has one of the largest groups in California.

Thanksgiving Present

Still more La Jollans are celebrating the blessings they have today. La Jolla Light recently published a story in which La Jolla’s community leaders shared what they are truly thankful for this year. The La Jolla Town Council president, Steve Haskins, said he was thankful for the love everyone shares for the Jewel. San Diego City Council President, Sherri Lightner, echoed his sentiments when she told La Jolla Light that she was thankful to live in La Jolla because it’s an outstanding community with active constituents.

La Jollans are definitely revving their efforts into high gear for the upcoming 58th annual La Jolla Christmas Parade & Holiday Festival. According to La Jolla Light, 1,500 to 2,000 volunteers are working hard to get marching bands, food trucks and even pony rides prepared for up to 25,000 parade spectators and 5,000 festival attendees. This year’s theme is “100 years of Christmas Cheer” and promises to be festive and merry.

As we look back on Thanksgivings past, and look forward to upcoming holiday celebrations, there is much to be grateful for in beautiful La Jolla.

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