A closer look at luxury communities within La Jolla and Del Mar.

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It’s hard to imagine a better climate than that of La Jolla, which is known for sunny days and mild temperatures. This is but one of the many reasons why La Jolla Mesa real estate is so desirable. Homes in the upscale community feature exquisite architecture and spacious properties in a sun-drenched location that offers impressive views of Mission Bay and San Diego's city lights.

La Jolla Mesa real estate belongs to a lovely community seated on the southern slopes of Mt. Soledad. The beautiful expanse is punctuated by remarkable luxury homes on generous properties that often boast tranquil courtyards and charming gardens. The luxury community envelops La Jolla Mesa Drive and Rutgers Road, an area that is near Bird Rock, Pacific Beach and Mission Bay.…

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La Jolla Alta real estate is seated in an ideal location on the southern slopes of Mt. Soledad that offers picturesque canyon, bay and city lights views. The scenic community is near Pacific Beach and Kate O. Sessions Memorial Park, a lovely 79-acre park with a playground and a mile-long hiking trail. La Jolla Alta is known for its spacious homes and generous properties and is undoubtedly worthy of a closer look.

Living in La Jolla Alta homes

La Jolla Alta holds several smaller communities that are adorned with exquisite homes surrounded by beautiful landscaping. There are approximately 600 homes seated within the communities of Crystal Bay, Emerald Cove, El Dorado and Ventana, each of which enjoys access to a wealth of noteworthy amenities.

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Del Mar real estate rests within a beautiful and inviting coastal city that has much to offer. This is likely the reason why, according to the Times of San Diego, the most expensive listing to sell last month in San Diego County was a coastal home in Del Mar, which was purchased for $13 million. Buyers will find that Del Mar holds a tight-knit community that embraces history and the arts and is surrounded by a wealth of serene natural escapes to explore.

Del Mar holds the quintessential beach getaway

This week, Forbes magazine published an article that described L’Auberge del Mar as the quintessential beach getaway. The piece centered on the luxury hotel’s many remarkable attributes, but also showered compliments on Del…

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Hidden Valley real estate is known for gorgeous homes with incredible views. The peaceful community is nestled at the foot of Mt. Soledad among truly lovely surroundings. Homes in this tucked away part of La Jolla have much to offer buyers, in part because of their remarakble location.

About the Hidden Valley community

Hidden Valley homes for sale feature impressive architecture, impeccable landscaping and panoramic views of both the Pacific Ocean and the hillside. Within Hidden Valley, buyers will find exquisite homes in an excellent location that feature contemporary, traditional or Spanish colonial architectural influences. In addition, properties within the upscale community tend to be lushly landscaped and ardently maintained. Both of these…

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Barber Barber real estate rests in a lovely oceanfront community that boasts a rare and delightful charm. Within the Beach Barber Tract, buyers will find dazzling architectural designs that range from Storybook style to contemporary, interspersed with Spanish Colonials and California Ranch homes. While their architecture is enchanting, many homes in the peaceful community also delight with their panoramic views of the coastline and tranquil gardens.

Beach Barber Tract history

The Beach Barber Tract was known as Neptunia in the 1800’s. According to SD News , the community’s name didn’t change until Phillip Barber was taken aback by the area and decided to purchase and develop the land. He moved his family to La Jolla, and with the help of fine…

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Bird Rock real estate is rests in a beautiful coastal community filled with a refined assortment of upscale homes. In Bird Rock, gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean can be had by visiting one of the community’s coastal overlooks or from the comfort of one’s oceanfront home.

Bird Rock was named after a massive rock frequented by pelicans and seagulls that has begun to crumble in recent years. The picturesque community has been charming people for quite some time. It’s said that Charles Lindberg enjoyed a meal at the Bird Rock Inn before his celebrated transatlantic flight in 1927. Today, many enjoy fine meals and artisan coffees in Bird Rock’s merchant district, which was revitalized in back in 2008.

Homes in the community of Bird Rock

Bird Rock…

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View of Lower Hermosa shoreline

Lower Hermosa real estate is known for its exquisite oceanfront properties that overlook miles of Southern California’s serene coastline. The prominent community is one of the most sought-after and exclusive in La Jolla. It's also ideally located just south of Windansea Beach and north of Bird Rock.

A tranquil ambience, that is absolutely unmatched, pervades every inch of Lower Hermosa and shows no intentions of leaving. Within the luxury community, buyers will find palm-lined streets adorned with inspired Spanish-style homes and oceanfront estates.

Camino de la Costa, which is more commonly known as the “Street of Dreams,” weaves its way through Lower Hermosa. Some of the most exquisite homes in San Diego rest in its wake. It’s nothing short of…

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Up above La Jolla Shores is the lovely community of La Jolla Heights, which holds a number of luxury homes that overlook the tranquil shoreline. Within La Jolla Heights, buyers will find exquisite homes that offer beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. These homes are truly special because of their serene setting on tree-lined streets in a peaceful residential community near La Jolla Shores.

About the La Jolla Heights Community

La Jolla Heights real estate is refined, beautiful and peaceful. The upscale community rests above La Jolla Shores and features a number of remarkable homes with incredible ocean views.

Living in the La Jolla Heights Community

La Jolla Heights homes for sale are ideally located in a picturesque location that offers…

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Aerial view of La Jolla Shores


La Jolla Shores real estate is some of the most highly sought-after in all of La Jolla. The beautiful and tranquil community is comprised of impressive oceanfront estates, beach cottages and luxury condos with unparalleled views.

About the La Jolla Shores Community

La Jolla Shores homes for sale are truly exquisite because many of them rest on gorgeous oceanfront and ocean view properties. Thanks to their remarkable location, homes in La Jolla Shores offer buyers serene ambience and riveting views of the Pacific Ocean.

Living in the La Jolla Shores Community

La Jolla Shores was first settled in the early 1900s, but the area has grown substantially since then. Today, there are nine picturesque neighborhoods within La Jolla Shores,…

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The Muirlands real estate is some of the most sought-after in La Jolla, and for good reason. The picturesque community is known for its fine architecture, sprawling estates and extraordinary views of the Pacific Ocean. From its earliest moments to present day, the Muirlands community has never stopped being a beautiful and peaceful place to call home.

A look back at the Muirlands

A few years ago, La Jolla Light published an article about La Jolla’s history. The story described how the Muirlands came to be the lovely place we know today. In the 1920s, Harold James Muir relocated from Colorado and purchased nearly 260 acres of land on the western slopes of Mount Soledad. His plans were to build a community with sprawling estates that would hold…

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