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Some years back, La Jolla Light published an article that told the stories of some of La Jolla’s most treasured places. It proved that in addition to exquisite homes and beautiful beaches, communities in La Jolla possess noteworthy histories.

One of the most interesting aspects of La Jolla real estate is that neighborhoods within the Jewel often have novel stories to tell. Many of La Jolla’s communities had quaint beginnings, but grew in prominence. Over the years, La Jolla’s distinctive charm gained many admirers around the world. Since its humble beginnings in 1887, the Village has shared in this legacy.

History of the Village

La Jolla’s Village possesses a history that is as intriguing as those of the coastal communities it neighbors. The…

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Barber Barber real estate rests in a lovely oceanfront community that boasts a rare and delightful charm. Within the Beach Barber Tract, buyers will find dazzling architectural designs that range from Storybook style to contemporary, interspersed with Spanish Colonials and California Ranch homes. While their architecture is enchanting, many homes in the peaceful community also delight with their panoramic views of the coastline and tranquil gardens.

Beach Barber Tract history

The Beach Barber Tract was known as Neptunia in the 1800’s. According to SD News , the community’s name didn’t change until Phillip Barber was taken aback by the area and decided to purchase and develop the land. He moved his family to La Jolla, and with the help of fine…

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Del Mar real estate is set among some of the loveliest surroundings imaginable. The tranquil city’s shoreline offers a picturesque retreat where one can enjoy swimming, surfing and serene strolls. The city’s natural beauty furthers the appeal of oceanfront homes in Del Mar, which boast exquisite views of the Pacific Ocean, upscale features and refined architecture.

Del Mar Beaches and Parks

Del Mar's shoreline is one of its many treasures. The two-mile stretch impresses with lovely views, serene surfing and swimming spots, sandy dunes and scenic bluffs. It’s a superb place to take in a remarkable sunset or Del Mar’s annual fireworks display.

Del Mar also boasts two coastal parks with noteworthy amenities. Powerhouse Park features a picnic area…

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La Jolla real estate is admired for a multitude of reasons. Luxury homes in La Jolla are highly sought-after for their incredibly beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego’s skyline and the mountains.

Many buyers are also fond of the refined architecture than can be found within the La Jolla real estate market. The Jewel holds a wide array of luxury homes with historic, contemporary, Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean stylistic influences, all of which are rather impressive.

Still more are attracted to La Jolla for its superb art venues and fine dining options, which are nothing short of remarkable. In fact, the latter were recently recognized on a national level for their impeccable work.

Restaurants and cafes within La Jolla offer…

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Current market trends and predictions for the San Diego real estate market are rather positive, which makes for a promising start to the year. Late last month, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that San Diego County property values rose by $23 billion last fiscal year, which ended in June. According to the article, this was 5.6 percent increase and marked five straight years that California property values have increased.

La Jolla real estate is very much a part of this equation. The Times of San Diego reported that San Diego County’s real estate sales were up last month and the most expensive listing sold was located in the Village of La Jolla.

Are all luxury real estate markets trending upward?

The La Jolla real estate market is one of…

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Smart homes in the La Jolla real estate market are part of an emerging trend that is growing in popularity. This week, survey findings were released that suggest that the smart home may go mainstream four years earlier than anticipated. The survey polled 4,000 Americans and found that 45 percent of them already own smart home technology or will invest in it by 2016. The group polled consisted of a mix of those who consider themselves “early adopters” and those that aren’t as likely to purchase new technology the minute it hits stores. Of the latter, more than a third stated that they planned to purchase smart home technology this year.

Consumers are likely to make their first smart home technology purchases in 2016

Network World published a story…

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View of La Jolla Cove from the shore

Recent reports and forecasts indicate that 2016 is already shaping up to be a banner year for La Jolla and greater San Diego. Real estate trends and news from the medical and tech industries all look rather promising, which should have a positive impact on the La Jolla real estate market. Below are five recent stories that highlight what this year has in store:

1. La Jolla has one of Southern California’s best beaches

La Jolla Cove earned a spot on the Travel Channel’s “12 Best Beaches in Southern California” list. La Jolla Cove made the list because the picturesque beach is a popular place to scuba dive and snorkel. Per the article, La Jolla Cove is also one of the most photographed beaches in Southern California.

2. UC San Diego opens Jacobs…

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Bird Rock real estate is rests in a beautiful coastal community filled with a refined assortment of upscale homes. In Bird Rock, gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean can be had by visiting one of the community’s coastal overlooks or from the comfort of one’s oceanfront home.

Bird Rock was named after a massive rock frequented by pelicans and seagulls that has begun to crumble in recent years. The picturesque community has been charming people for quite some time. It’s said that Charles Lindberg enjoyed a meal at the Bird Rock Inn before his celebrated transatlantic flight in 1927. Today, many enjoy fine meals and artisan coffees in Bird Rock’s merchant district, which was revitalized in back in 2008.

Homes in the community of Bird Rock

Bird Rock…

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View of Lower Hermosa shoreline

Lower Hermosa real estate is known for its exquisite oceanfront properties that overlook miles of Southern California’s serene coastline. The prominent community is one of the most sought-after and exclusive in La Jolla. It's also ideally located just south of Windansea Beach and north of Bird Rock.

A tranquil ambience, that is absolutely unmatched, pervades every inch of Lower Hermosa and shows no intentions of leaving. Within the luxury community, buyers will find palm-lined streets adorned with inspired Spanish-style homes and oceanfront estates.

Camino de la Costa, which is more commonly known as the “Street of Dreams,” weaves its way through Lower Hermosa. Some of the most exquisite homes in San Diego rest in its wake. It’s nothing short of…

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The New Year is ushering in some new mayor appointments. This past December, both Del Mar and Solana Beach welcomed new mayors into office for yearlong terms.

Del Mar appoints new mayor

On December 7, 2015, Sherryl Parks was appointed mayor by the Del Mar City Council. Terry Sinnott replaced Parks as the city's deputy mayor. Parks assumed outgoing mayor Al Corti’s position, which is occupied by a different council member each year.

According to an article in the Del Mar Times, Parks served as the co-chair on the Del Mar library project and president of the Del Mar Foundation board. She also served on the Design Review Board. Parks has lived in Del Mar since the early ‘70’s and was elected to the City Council in 2012. The Del Mar Times…

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