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Real estate tranaction

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Baby Boomers are a cohort 67 million strong, which means their real estate preferences influence our housing markets in marked ways. Recently released survey data shows that the cohort possesses all but approximately one-third of our nation’s home equity, which means their home buying decisions factor immensely in our real estate markets.

Results from a recent survey show that although a number of Baby Boomers are happy in their current homes, approximately 27 million plan to be in the housing market in the near future. The same survery provided insights into what features they would like their future homes and communities to offer.

Baby Boomers hold the lion’s share of our nation’s home equity

Earlier this month,…

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In May, home prices were on the rise and the most expensive listing to sell in San Diego County had a La Jolla address. In recent months, home prices have increased across the nation, but San Diego County real estate has seen higher increases than a number of other American cities.

The median price for resale homes in San Diego County rose 9 percent from May 2015 to May 2016, according to data released by the Greater San Diego Association of REALTORS. This number is also up 6.6 percent from its figure in January of this year.

Moreover, single-family home prices rose 2 percent from their figures in April, and condo and townhome prices increased 5 percent. May’s median single-family home price was $570,000, while the condo…

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La Jolla mountain view

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The real estate market stats for April are in and they are showing increases in both median home prices and sales. The Greater San Diego Association of Realtors noted that although low inventory continues to be a market factor, home sales did increase in April. Last month, single-family homes sales were up 3 percent from March’s numbers. In April, condo and townhome sales were more than 2 percent higher than they were in March of this year. In addition, median prices are experiencing a gradual rise.

Homes sales increased

During the month of April, 2,064 homes were sold, which led to a month-over-month increase in sold listings. The condo and townhome market saw increased sales as well and ended the month with 1,073…

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Blooming flowers in front of oceanfront homes in La Jolla

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A wealth of real estate market data was recently released, and much of it showed rising numbers. At a glance, the information shows noteworthy listings in La Jolla and Del Mar, new homes going on the market in San Diego communities and markets across the nation reaching benchmarks.

Del Mar and La Jolla listings make the news

Today, the Los Angeles Times published a story about the three most expensive listings in San Diego, which featured a home in Del Mar and another in La Jolla. The estate in Del Mar is seated on coastal bluffs, claims 400 feet of oceanfront and is listed for $33.9 million. The La Jolla listing is an oceanfront estate that was built in 2003 and is on the market for $26.58 million. The third property…

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View of purple flowers and oceanfront at La Jolla Shores

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The latest edition of Emerging Trends in Real Estate, which predicts the factors that will shape the real estate market’s future, declared that San Diego’s real estate market was one to watch. In addition, a recent news story reported that San Diego's housing market is "on the rise." Some of the attributes that the San Diego market as a whole is displaying are also visible in the La Jolla real estate market, which is one of the top luxury markets in the country.

San Diego is a market to watch

Emerging Trends in Real Estate placed the San Diego real estate market at #16 on their list of “U.S. Markets to Watch.” This was a move up from its placement at #20 last year. The report stated that…

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Homes on a mountainside in La Jolla

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There’s been a great deal of interest in a Rancho Santa Fe home that was recently listed at $92 million. Several news sources described the property in detail, including the The Wall Street Journal, which reported that the 210-acre property is graced with a guesthouse, driving range, tennis court, barn and lemon grove. The property holds a luxury home designed by Fred Briggs in the 1970’s that is 8,500 square feet with a 3,000 square foot pavilion that holds an indoor pool, spa and bar. The home, which is currently owned by the Sansone family, boasts four bedrooms and rests on the largest parcel of land in Rancho Santa Fe. Prior to this listing, the most expensive real estate to sell in the area was a $35 million oceanfront…

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Coastal view of La Jolla homes

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In recent weeks, a wealth of local and national real estate market performance data has been released. The data shows some interesting findings and also highlights a number of noteworthy sales in the Del Mar and La Jolla real estate markets.

Home sales have increased this year

The number of home sales last month in San Diego County totaled 2,370, which was higher than January of last year, according to an article by Mirna Alfonso. The Times of San Diego reported that the most expensive listing to sell in San Diego County was a 1,660 square foot coastal home in the Del Mar real estate market, which was purchased for $13 million. Another significant finding was reported by The San Diego Union-Tribune, which found that the…

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La Jolla real estate market information

The La Jolla real estate market has a lot going for it already, but some recent studies and reports are providing promising figures for the coming year. Newly released data shows that 2015 ended on a high note. In addition, some analysts and experts are predicting that 2016 has great things in store and that the years that follow may also be rather good for the real estate markets in San Diego and California overall.

Great things in La Jolla

The La Jolla real estate market remains one of the top luxury markets in America with highly-sought after homes in coveted communities. The Times of San Diego reported that the most expensive listing to sell in the entire county last September was a $12.45 million dollar home in La Jolla.

In addition, La…

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panoramic view of La Jolla

Current market trends and predictions for the San Diego real estate market are rather positive, which makes for a promising start to the year. Late last month, The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that San Diego County property values rose by $23 billion last fiscal year, which ended in June. According to the article, this was 5.6 percent increase and marked five straight years that California property values have increased.

La Jolla real estate is very much a part of this equation. The Times of San Diego reported that San Diego County’s real estate sales were up last month and the most expensive listing sold was located in the Village of La Jolla.

Are all luxury real estate markets trending upward?

The La Jolla real estate market is one of…

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Man using smarphone with

Smart homes in the La Jolla real estate market are part of an emerging trend that is growing in popularity. This week, survey findings were released that suggest that the smart home may go mainstream four years earlier than anticipated. The survey polled 4,000 Americans and found that 45 percent of them already own smart home technology or will invest in it by 2016. The group polled consisted of a mix of those who consider themselves “early adopters” and those that aren’t as likely to purchase new technology the minute it hits stores. Of the latter, more than a third stated that they planned to purchase smart home technology this year.

Consumers are likely to make their first smart home technology purchases in 2016

Network World published a story…

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