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Upper Hermosa is known for refined homes with interior and exterior features that mirror each other’s excellence and are seated on ardently manicured properties. A number of homes in Upper Hermosa offer Pacific Ocean views and hold serene gardens that further the appeal of the beautiful residential community, which dates back to the 1920s. In addition, the lovely neighborhood just north of Bird Rock was originally designed to be commuter friendly and still boasts curving tree-lined streets, paths and trails that invite regular biking, jogging and walking excursions.

Some homes in Upper Hermosa date back to the 1920s and were the first to grace the development. These historic homes are seated next to newer upscale homes along winding streets that…

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Purple flowers on beach overlooking Pacific Ocean

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From smallish gardens to sprawling civic centers, there are lots of new, heartwarming and exciting things going on in Del Mar, and a few of them made headlines.

1. The Del Mar Civic Center project received financing

On April 26, the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank approved financing for the majority of the planned Del Mar Civic Center. The Del Mar Times reported that the new civic center will be located at 1050 Camino del Mar, where the current structures are seated, but will feature an 8,722 square foot city hall, a 3,172 square foot town hall and a 15,000 square foot public plaza. Per the article, demolition of the city hall should begin this summer and construction of the new buildings is expected…

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Surfer riding a wave 

La Jolla’s surf culture has a long and celebrated history. Some of the most talented and influential surfers and board shapers to ever ride a wave or design a board called La Jolla home or visited its sandy beaches at some point during their careers. Many of them gravitated to Windansea Beach, which is known for its popular surf breaks.

Windansea Beach's early surf history

According to an article on the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center’s site, some of the earliest surf moments at Windansea Beach occurred in 1937. Sporting a homemade, hollow surfboard, glider pilot Woody Brown and some of his friends took to the salty waves, and the rest is history.

Over the years, Windansea Beach became an integral part of…

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 Wave cresting

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In February of this year, TripAdvisor users ranked La Jolla Shores the 8th best beach in the U.S., according to a story by Fox 5. While beachgoers often admire La Jolla’s shoreline, and enjoy a number of sun-drenched activities along its sandy beaches, noteworthy surf breaks are the prime reason surfers are attracted to the Jewel.

Excellent surf is just one of the reasons why many people gravitate to La Jolla’s beaches, which are consistently named as some of the best in San Diego. In fact, Discover San Diego listed La Jolla Shores as the third best beach in the county and called it the “perfect destination for families.” Moreover, The San Diego Union-Tribune ranked La Jolla Shores one of the “5 Best Beaches for…

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Blooming flowers in front of oceanfront homes in La Jolla

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A wealth of real estate market data was recently released, and much of it showed rising numbers. At a glance, the information shows noteworthy listings in La Jolla and Del Mar, new homes going on the market in San Diego communities and markets across the nation reaching benchmarks.

Del Mar and La Jolla listings make the news

Today, the Los Angeles Times published a story about the three most expensive listings in San Diego, which featured a home in Del Mar and another in La Jolla. The estate in Del Mar is seated on coastal bluffs, claims 400 feet of oceanfront and is listed for $33.9 million. The La Jolla listing is an oceanfront estate that was built in 2003 and is on the market for $26.58 million. The third property…

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Native Voices at the Autry La Jolla Playhouse 

L-R: Román Zaragoza (Pima) and Duane Minard (Yurok, Piaute) in Native Voices at the Autry’s production of “They Don’t Talk Back,” by Frank Henry Kaash Kataase (Tlingit), directed by Randy Reinholz (Choctaw); photo by Craig Schwartz and courtesy of La Jolla Playhouse.

Art and architecture in La Jolla never fails to impress. This year, a chorus of new voices will perform at La Jolla Playhouse as their recently appointed resident company, Native Voices at the Autry, takes the stage. In addition, architecture in La Jolla is so distinctive and beautiful that it sometimes inspires fiction, as evidenced by an oceanfront home in La Jolla Farms that may look remarkably familiar to some moviegoers.

La Jolla Playhouse welcomes Native Voices at the Autry

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Center view of Salk Institute of Biological Sciences La Jolla

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Homes in La Jolla are seated in a place with beautiful natural surroundings and inspired man-made refinements, some of which are known the world over. Art and architecture in La Jolla can create a sense of tranquility or a feeling of optimism that moves the viewer, which is exactly what the Salk Institute’s impressive architecture and the colors in the "Demos Gracias" mural demonstrate.

Exploring the Salk Institute's architecture

Dr. Jonas Salk invented the first safe and effective polio vaccine in 1957, which dropped the average number of Polio cases in America from between 35,000 and 45,000 to hundreds by the early 1960’s. The institute's site states that after his major polio vaccine breakthrough, Salk…

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Sea lion surfacing from water

One of La Jolla's most adorable news stories this year was about a sea lion pup that was found snoozing inside The Marine Room, a fine dining restaurant in La Jolla Shores. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and the pictures that accompanied this particular news story certainly were. They captured the sea lion pup fighting to stay awake so she could gaze out the restaurant's window at the Pacific Ocean for a little while longer. These touching photos are likely one of the reasons why the wandering sea lion was the object of a significant amount of local news coverage and garnered a great deal of attention on social media networks.

Last February, a number of news sources reported that a sea lion pup was found in The Marine Room, a…

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View of oceanfront park on 18th Street in Del Mar, California
"18th Street, Del Mar, California" by Mitch Vander Vorst is licensed under CC BY 2.0

When Del Mar real estate buyers purchase properties, they are buying more than luxury homes in a beautiful seaside village. They are buying homes in a community with a rich history that stretches back more than 130 years. Sometimes, the sands of time erode memories of the past, but Del Mar’s history is honored and kept relevant through interactive and engaging community efforts.

Present day Del Mar homes are seated in a charming seaside village that stretches across two miles of sun-drenched coastline. Del Mar is known not only for its beauty, but also for its community mindedness. Within Del Mar, one will find superb beaches, parks, farmer’s markets and a community…

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Gray whale breaching

There are many benefits to purchasing La Jolla real estate and one of them is residing along Southern California’s serene shoreline. Homes in La Jolla are surrounded by lovely natural surroundings that buyers can enjoy whenever they like, including the Pacific Ocean. Never waning in beauty, the Pacific Ocean offer gorgeous views and incredible experiences with family, friends and marine life.

In recent weeks, the media has covered a number of stories about La Jolla’s marine life, including whale-watching excursions with ocean experts from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Whale-watching with Birch Aquarium ocean experts

La Jolla Light recently published information about La Jollas’s whale-watching tours. The Birch…

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