Ask anyone in California, and they’ll tell you--San Diego is known for some of the most temperate weather you’ll find anywhere in the U.S. While San Diego summers are nothing to scoff at (hello, 85-degree weather), the city has a certain kind of magic to it in the fall months. San Diego’s busiest season has come to close, the temperatures have started to cool off, fall festivals are in full swing and the holidays are just around the corner.


For prospective homebuyers, though, San Diego’s fall is a perfect time to purchase new properties. San Diego’s most in-demand season is without a doubt the summer, but as September and October round the corner, many buyers find themselves combing listings to having more than would’ve ever dreamed. But we have a few more reasons a homebuyer might find themselves buying San Diego real estate in the fall—and why they might want to make the city a home year round.

San Diego has its annual Oktoberfest in the fall

We’ll be honest—there isn’t just one Beer Fest in San Diego, and there isn’t just one Oktoberfest. But there’s no denying that several Oktoberfests (and several opportunities to dance, drink beer and eat bratwurst) is a definite plus.

Beaches are less crowded

Everyone loves heading out to the beach on a sunny day, but it’s much less fun when the beach is full up with locals, tourists, travelers, and seemingly the whole state of California. Luckily, the beaches start to clear out right around late August and September, making it a perfect time to catch some waves and soak up the sun and sand.


Students are going back to school, which makes it much less likely people in nearby cities, like Phoenix, are loading up the van for the beach. Though you might need a hoodie as temperatures start to drop, you’ll find that the cooler weather is worth the privacy.

You can catch plenty of art and film festivals

Though many might travel to San Diego for the summer, you won’t run out of activities through the fall. San Diego’s arts and culture scene kicks into high gear through the fall months, with events like La Jolla Art & Wine Festival or the San Diego Italian Film Festival.


Even if you’re trying to avoid traffic or save on gas, just take the San Diego trolley and you can catch events such as “Trolley Dances,” the San Diego Dance Theater’s curated series of six dances created in unique public spaces around San Diego. You might find a parking garage readily doubles as a dance studio and performance space!

Check out local event listings and community spaces for more happenings around town, but keep an eye out for more museum exhibitions and art events in places you might not expect.

Famous San Diego attractions (like the Zoo) are more accessible

If you’re visiting San Diego for the first time—or even for the second or third—chances are, you’d like to see some of the city’s most prominent landmarks and attractions. Must-see stops like the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld San Diego and Balboa Park all start to look a little less like a frenzy.


Stroll the Gaslamp Quarter, a bustling strip that’s stock full of spots for dining and doing (and maybe a little dancing), or see some of the zoo’s most treasured and most impressive animals. Catch a show at SeaWorld San Diego in the front row, or just kick back and enjoy the sights of Balboa Park, now tourist-free.

You can see fall wildlife like the Desert Bighorn

When cooler temperatures return to San Diego, so do wildlife, like tarantulas and migrating monarch butterflies. A particularly prized sight, though, is the Desert Bighorn Sheep, usually spotted in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. As temperatures cool, the sheep congregate around watering holes that have become all but scarce over the summer. Hike through the park, and you might encounter a herd of Bighorns making their way to the next oasis.


If you’re more for flights of fancy, you’ll likely find monarch butterflies a welcome change of pace. Though the butterflies usually make locations like Pismo Beach their primary stops, you’ll find a surprising amount of monarchs on local beaches and parks. Make your way out to one of the many fall residences of the monarch butterfly with your family—you might even catch one or two.


Whether you’re thinking about simply taking the drive down to the beach during off-season, or making the move to San Diego in the fall, there’s no better time to do so. Contact us today to find your dream home in one of the beautiful communities San Diego has to offer.

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