Located off the pacific coast of California is where you will find one of the most amazing coastal cities in all of America. This is a place of health, happiness and fun! It has great beaches, awesome parks, and weather that will keep you happy and comfortable all year long. San Diego, California is a west coast paradise. For those living there, San Diego provides great entertainment, delicious food, and down to earth people. It can be a bit pricey here, but the quality of life is hard to beat. Choosing where to live in San Diego can be tough because there are so many great places to be. That's why we found the top four San Diego neighborhoods to choose from. You should be able to get a sense of what to expect from these neighborhoods. Who knows, you might even be living in one of them someday.

La Jolla

Perhaps one of the more gorgeous of the bunch, La Jolla brings real natural beauty to San Diego. This seaside village inspires artists from all over the globe to replicate its views. Still, nothing compares to the real deal. The best part is that La Jolla tastes just as good as it looks. The culinary scene is award winning and mouth watering. The casual, relaxed luxury also makes this neighborhood one that people count on to be a place that they live in for their entire life.


This area is also known to be a fantastic city for dates as well. Take your lover on a trip here for yourself. Walk the city, and experience the people and what they have to offer. When the night comes, stay in one of the luxurious seaside accommodating hotels, or talk to our experts and make the town your new home. Whenever you feel like heading to the beach, you can just walk down the La Jolla trail to wind up at the La Jolla Cove! This neighborhood is at the top of our list in San Diego, and perhaps at the top for all of California.

Del Mar

Del Mar is a beach city that will keep you on your toes. This is one of those neighborhoods where you will spot a lot of celebrities. Obviously, that must mean that this is a really great place to live if you have movie stars living here. For those that are into a little gambling, they have their famous horse races. Head on down to the track during the summer and feel the adrenaline race through the stadium. It can get very passionate so you will have to stay on your toes if you’ve placed your bets. Plus, it is always fun if you find a friend that is rooting for the same horse.


People also spend their day at the historic Del Mar Village. There are many unique shops, restaurants , and gorgeous hotels. You can also bet that the food is going to be delicious.  Del Mar is certainly the neighborhood to be in if one is looking for some laid back excitement.

Pacific Beach


Surfs up! Pacific beach is the neighborhood to be in if you like hitting the waves and catching some sun. The youth that flows through this neighborhood seems to breathe life into its visitors and the engaging sports. The boardwalks are lined with trendy hotels and places that you can grab a nice, casual drink. Some say that Pacific Beach is the place to be when the sun goes down. Sure, the sunset is gorgeous, but once that sun dips under the ocean, it’s time for the nightlife. You will find tons of youth bar hopping and dancing the night away. The neighborhood of Pacific Beach will resonate with you years after you leave it. For families, Pacific Beach manages to keep it respectful and creates an abundance of things to do.

Rancho Santa Fe

For the more easy-going neighborhood, Rancho Santa Fe is great for those who are looking to settle down. The name translates into “holy faith” so you know it is going to be a nice and easy going place. Known as “The Ranch,” Rancho Santa Fe looks after around 3,000 people. The weather is gorgeous all year long and most people find it easy to travel to other spots in San Diego. This is the only one of these neighborhoods that doesn’t reside directly next to a beach; but it’s definitely not missing anything. This is good for those that might want less crowded areas. Not to mention, it can get loud and wild over by the beaches. The best part is, the beach is not far at all and there are plenty of other attractions. You can expect better commute times from this area due to most people making their way to the beach. Something to take note: Forbes reported Rancho Santa Fe to have the third most expensive zip code in the United States with a median home sale price of $2,585,00. Obviously, peace and quiet does come at a price but with the right Realtor, the right home is around the corner as well.


Regardless of where someone chooses to stay, they are going to feel right at home in any of these neighborhoods. You can either go for gorgeous scenery and luxury in La Jolla, rush and excitement in Del Mar, youth and fun in Pacific Beach, or peace and simplicity in Rancho Santa Fe. The choice may seem hard at first. All one would really have to do is take a trip out to these four places and stay in their amazing hotels. This will give anybody the right feel for moving to one of these neighborhoods in San Diego. 

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