There are many ways to go about renovating your property for higher return on investment, or “ROI”. When you are first starting out, it may seem hard to figure out where to begin. So, you want to know which renovations money can be put towards in order to get the most return in the end. Great projects to start with are the bathroom, the yard, and the kitchen. All three of these have proven to bring in around 90-100% ROI in remodel situations.  

The bathroom

A bathroom remodel has one of the highest returns out of the whole home. Knowing the ins and outs of how to save money in the bathroom renovation can help you even further. Start by remodeling the parts of the bathroom that make the room pop. Make the vanity big and beautiful and try get a new bathtub or shower design. If you can’t remove the old tub just re-caulk and refinish it to make it look brand new. Change out the floor with gorgeous, brand new tiles and make sure everything matches in color and design. Finally, finish it off with a beautiful backsplash in the shower. This will make everyday showers feel fresh, clean and contemporary.

The Yard

Landscaping a yard will greatly increase the appeal of your home and bring high returns along with it. It is hard to know where to start with the landscaping process so head down to your local garden center. Usually they will offer free consultations on planning your front yard landscape. Once you get a gorgeous layout, hire a good landscaping company and get to work. If you’re savvy in the garden, have the landscapers do the complex work, like concrete pouring and berm design, and then plant beautiful flowers yourself. Once the work is done, you will be astonished with how many people are lining up to view your property.

The kitchen

The kitchen is such a strong centerpiece to the home and you’ll likely miss some opportunity if the kitchen is not up to date. The addition of gorgeous gloss counter tops and some stainless-steel appliances can make a major difference to any kitchen space, big or small. One of the best changes to make is kitchen cabinetry, though. Accent lights underneath the cabinets are a good way to make new countertops sparkle. Another popular addition to many kitchens now is an island if there’s ample space. This is great for social spaces, cooking and storage. When people are looking to buy a home, the kitchen is one the most prominent spaces and with these updates, will undoubtedly stand out amongst the competition. The money and time spent in this space will definitely provide a great return on investment.

There are an abundance of projects you can do to your home to increase the ROI. While the above spaces are the most important, try considering some other improvements like painting the interior and exterior walls of the house. When the renovations are complete, contact our experts to help get the perfect buyers into you’re beautifully updated home. 

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