Luxury homes in La Jolla are some of the most desirable properties in the country because the Jewel is a phenomenal place to live. Perhaps this is why some residents never want to leave and allegedly linger around in their old haunts, sometimes for centuries.

Although the jury is still out about whether there is any validity to stories of unexplainable occurrences, many believe they have witnessed inexplicable events in certain places around La Jolla. These strange events are said to happen when people least expect it and in the most unlikely places. Given how beautiful La Jolla is, it’s easy to see how many wouldn’t be expecting something eerie to occur here. 

However, there are several tales of such happenings in places right here in La Jolla that repeatedly surface throughout the years. Some say there is no truth to the suspicions. Others say that there is a logical reason why witnesses claim to have heard odd noises or seen strange, shadowy figures. Nevertheless, the stories remain and are still told to eager listeners every autumn at gatherings around cozy campfires and on moonlit porches. 

Two such tales have been told about La Jolla’s Grand Colonial Hotel and the Brockton Villa Restaurant.

The Grand Colonial Hotel

Several years ago, La Jolla Light published a story about mysterious events that have taken place in the Grand Colonial Hotel on Prospect Street. Reportedly, staff receive noise complaints from guests staying in rooms near what they call the sun room.

Long ago, there were apartments where the sun room currently sits. It’s rumored that one apartment was rented by two women and the other by two men. They often held loud and rambunctious parties and apparently, still do. Staff and guests have heard loud noises coming from the sun room when no one is there. Others claim to have heard someone running down the stairs.

La Jolla Blue Book also shared a story about these eerie occurrences. Reportedly, there is more than one location within the hotel that has guests on extended stays. A private room that is often reserved by actors is the source of some strange phone activity. According to the story, the hotel’s front desk receives calls from the room when it’s unoccupied. When the front desk staff members answer the calls, there is never anyone on the line. Each time the calls occur, a hotel staff member is sent to the room and there is no one there.

Brockton Villa Restaurant

La Jolla has a number of other spooky tales floating around and one is about the Brockton Villa restaurant on Coast Boulevard. La Jolla Light quoted witnesses that felt strange presences at the restaurant. They also reported that objects would mysteriously disappear and then turn up in different locations without reason. 

Brockton Villa operates out of one of the many charming historical homes in La Jolla and the current owner believes the former resident may still be lingering around. 

There may never be a reasonable explanation for the spooky experiences people claim to have had in these places around La Jolla, but that doesn’t diminish the widespread interest these tales hold.

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