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Leucadia, a neighborhood community of Encinitas, is located on Coast Highway 101 on the north San Diego County coast, west of I-5 and between Carlsbad and Old Encinitas.

Heading south out of Carlsbad, the signs are everywhere, announcing your arrival to this old-fashioned beach town that ranks as the top beach community on the California coast for surfing. Californiabeaches.com declared Leucadia the best old-fashioned beach town in California. The community begins with a grove of eucalyptus trees that line the street where traffic lanes are divided, and a train track runs right down the middle of the road. Leucadia, like nearby San Diego, is an outdoor mecca. The coastal region's finest weather in the United States offers many opportunities to stay fit. The community was originally founded around 1870 by English spiritualists seeking freedom of worship, and gave Leucadia and its streets their Roman-Greco names: Hymettus, Neptune, Phoebe, and Daphne. Leucadia means "sheltered paradise" and aptly describes this unique area of 6,250 residents. A mix of agriculture (the flower industry thrives here), residential and a few shops make this a highly desirable spot for those seeking a less hectic pace than San Diego, with its over 1 million people.