Our home sold in 10 days and for 97.1% of our asking price! Dennis's system really works! Being in Commercial Real Estate I understand the business. Dennis is Top Notch! I would highly recommend any homeseller to speak with Dennis first to see for themselves how his system sells homes faster and for more money.

Jeff Chasan, Commercial Real Estate

Thanks Dennis for selling my home in just 4 days and for 99.2% of my asking price! You and your team really did an incredible job selling my home for Much more than I expected! I also want to thank you for finding me my dream home and negotiating a great price. You're the Best!

Christine Peterson, Teacher

Dennis and his team sold our house in 4 days for an incredible 98.4% of our asking price! After selling several homes in the past and using several different agents, Dennis's one of a kind system set him far apart from his competition. Dennis's systems created an "auction like" atmosphere that drove up the sales price of our home! On top of getting us top dollar, his No Risk Listing™ saved us an amazing $8,490 Dollars in Commissions. I could not imagine ever trying to sell a house without Dennis and his team of professionals!

Jay Akar, Telecommunications

richardkroeningsmall1_128Just wanted to thank you and your team for doing a great job in selling my house. Your innovative system was able to sell my home for 99.1% of my asking price and you were able to find a buyer in 6 days! Thanks again for getting the job done.

Richard Kroening, Administrator

Just wanted to say how impressed we were with your team of professionals! When we first met you, we had an asking price for our house in mind. jesspicturesmall1_128You suggested we ask $25,000 higher because your system could probably get it. Are we glad we listened! Your Buyer Profiling System matched a great buyer to our house in less than 4 days! Not only that, you ended up getting us the extra $25,000 for our house that you said you would! What a great surprise! Needless to say the entire process was smooth as can be and we could not be any happier! Thanks again!

Martin and Laurie Jess

Thank you for the outstanding job that you did selling our family's Estate recently. With our second daughter starting college this past September, the closing financially was a big help! After much frustration with previous Real Estate agents, you were such a welcome change. I have recommended you to a number of my friends! We appreciated your perseverance, professionalism and prompt follow up with the prospects that were shown our house.

Paul Slazas, Administrator

I would like to thank you for the excellent and thoroughly professional manner in which you handled the sale of my Aunt Ethel's Estate. The entire transaction went very smoothly, largely through your efforts. I especially appreciated the extra help in attending to the "fix-up" items around the house prior to the closing.

Stanley M. Schurgin, Attorney at Law

We want to thank you for the great job you did in selling our home. After interviewing several agents for the job of selling our home we made the clear decision to go with you. The systems you have in place are not offered nor perfected by any other agent. You sold our home in under 1 week for full price! mrmrsscaffidismall1_128We were not expecting to receive such a great offer in such a short amount of time especially since the market has slowed down considerably. You handled all aspects of the sale and escrow process with care and respect. Thanks again for all of your hard, dedicated and professional work.

Pete and Betty Scaffidi

I was amazed at how fast Dennis was able to sell my home! He sold it in 6 days and for 98.5% of my asking price! I have sold several homes in the past and Dennis's Home Selling System is unlike anything I have seen before! His system attracts ready to act buyers in droves and creates an urgency with buyers that resulted in my home selling incredibly fast and for more money than I thought possible!

Thomas O'Malley, Retired Attorney

We both want to thank you for handling the sale of our home with expert care. Your staff was exceptional and always kept us informed every step of the way. You sold our home in just over a week and for 99% of what we were asking! We were very concerned about the whole process since we were purchasing a retirement home and needed the funds from this sale to purchase the other property. You took all of our concerns away right from the beginning. You not only kept us informed, but kept the other Realtor informed and updated throughout the process as well. This extra attention made sure the transition went off without a hitch. We will highly recommend your team to anyone who expects the best!

Tony and Barbara Morales

Just a note of thanks for doing a stellar job selling our home. I was very impressed that you were able to get us 97% of our asking price in just 10 days! Let us know if you ever need a recommendation!

Roger and Victoria, Retired Administrator

Our condo was listed with another agent for over two months with no results. We needed a change.kahnpicsmall1_128We decided to meet with your team to see if he had anything different to offer than all these other agents. And boy did we find out! Your unique homeselling system was very different than anything we have seen before, and the results show. He sold our $1.3 million condo in under 29 days. Thanks again!

Julius and Charlotte Kahn

Having dealt with many real estate agents over the years, I had long since given up on the industry. It had become a necessary evil of sorts for me, shelling out 5-6% of a property's value to individuals that didn't really represent anyone but themselves. That is, until we worked with Dennis... Our recent buying situation was unique for several reasons: 1. We had to aggressively pursue a highly sought-after property against two all-cash full-price offers 2. The house was recently converted from a multiplex to a single residence, requiring additional title diligence 3. The house sits very close to the cliffs overlooking the ocean, requiring additional care to ensure property integrity 4. Our all-cash offer had to be converted to a traditional mortgage offer mid-closing 5. The mortgage was extremely complicated, and required a lot of hand-holding 6. My wife and I don't live in San Diego, and were remote for most of the process Despite all of this, Dennis walked us through the entire process like a pro. Always responsive, often late at night and on weekends, Dennis held our hands through every signature, personally reviewed every inspection document, communicated with vendors, coordinated site visits, and most importantly, constantly and consistently provided proactive communication regarding the current state of things. This was huge for us, as knowing that Dennis was on top of things alleviated a lot of the stress that inevitably comes from purchasing a property. And throughout everything, his demeanor and attitude are similar to that of a friend rather than a business contact/vendor. Also, Dennis' contacts are impeccable, consisting of the very best inspectors and experts from all over San Diego. This came in very handy during one of our inspections where Dennis' recommended inspector brought (at Dennis' request) a thermal imaging device to detect any anomalies invisible to the naked eye. This resulted in the discovery of a long-standing water leak from a second-floor bathroom that was pooling water onto the ceiling below but hadn't yet caused any permanent damage. Because of the inspector's thermal device, the leak was caught early and major potential repairs later were averted. And as if this wasn't enough, Dennis has remained in contact with us long after the sale, going as far as to help us find someone to stage our property for rental, and coordinating a photographer (at his cost) to take professional photos of the property for our rental ad. I could go on and on, but simply put Dennis is the absolute best representative we could've asked for, and he's single-handedly redeemed the real-estate agent industry from my formerly skeptical outlook. Dennis, thanks for all you do. We'll recommend you to everyone we possibly can, and we'll definitely look forward to working with you again in the future. ...and thanks for using Docusign...that was a life (and tree) saver!

Jerrod Bennet

Dennis is truly extraordinary! The service was nothing short of exemplary. We were unfortunately in a tough situation & had to switch our all cash offer to a mortgage. Dennis handled all communications with the seller and dealt with it like a pro! Dennis is extremely professional, communicative, and knowledgable! He held our hand through the entire process. He also had a ton of contacts in the industry from geologists to exceptional inspectors, interior designers, etc. He really had a great understanding of the high-end market. Even our sellers complimented him and said he was a pleasure to work with! I would recommend Dennis ten times over based on his communication and level of responsiveness alone. He was always available to assist us, even late at night and throughout the weekends. Definately one of the best service providers I have ever dealt with! Truly phenomenal!!! Dennis I can't thank you enough for everything you did for us! You are truly world-class!

Lindsey B

If you would like to join our long list of delighted customers, contact Dennis Desouza and his team today, or give us a call at 858-344-4068.

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